7 Mile Massage is a Mobile Massage Company that emphasizes the Therapeutic side of Massage Therapy.  Enjoy real pampering that also gets rid of those nagging aches and pains. They guarantee that you will never leave the massage table feeling like you just had a mediocre treatment. Instead most of their clients state 'That's the best massage I've ever had in my life". They have well trained professionals on their team that are Licensed and Certified in the US and are Registered and Licensed in the Cayman Islands as well (unlike unregistered Massage/Beauty Therapists). They provide amazing Therapeutic Massage from head to toe that can address a variety of problems such as head aches, back aches, hip and shoulder aches, sciatica, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis and more. If you are looking for real relief or if you would like to really unwind, de-stress and feel great ….then give 7 Mile Massage a call. You’ll be glad you did! Not only get more minutes with them, save with their  massage discounts too!



Enjoy classic rhythmic motions with light to medium pressure that will promote deep relaxation. We use organic coconut oil blended with your favorite essential oil for an aromatic soothing massage. Light/Med.

  • 45 mins - $90
  • 75 mins ~ $120


This head, neck & shoulder massage refreshes your mind and melts away the stress of the day. This is great for headaches, neck and shoulder tension. We use a desk top shoulder/face rest that fits right on your desk or table. Great treat for hard working corporate employees. We come to your work place.

  • 20 Mins ~ $45
  • 30 Mins ~ $60


This treatment uses firm pressure with compression and traction to relieve minor aches and soothe the tension in tight muscle groups.

  • 75 Mins ~ $120
  • 100 Mins ~ $150


Rejuvenate and refresh those tired aching feet and ankles with reflexology and essential oils.

  • 20 Mins ~ $45
  • 30 Mins ~ $60


REAL RELIEF! This customized therapy will relieve those nagging pain issues like sciatica, back aches, etc. and then restore balance in your body. Advanced techniques are used including myofascial release, neuro-muscular pain relief and structural integration. Every BODY loves REAL RELIEF! You will feel taller, centered, pain free, grounded and deeply relaxed...like a new you!

  • 75 Min ~ $120
  • 100 Mins ~ $150


This innovative new technology can treat acute trauma, stubborn chronic pain and support the body's own natural healing response. This unique high speed microprocessor stimulates the nervous system with specific healing frequencies. Amazing results.

  • 30 Mins ~ $65.

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Grand Pavilion, 802 West Bay Road, Cayman Islands.
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