About Us! 
Welcome to Cayman Coupons where you will find over 100 Discounts, Deals, Promotions and Special Offers from local Cayman businesses! Our e-Coupons are FREE for everyone and easy to use from your phone! No need to copy, print or clip…just use your phone! Visitors can take a screen shot of your favorites and simply show them to the related business before purchase. You can also register with us to save all your favorite coupons in a cart or Follow a listed business for new updates. Our e-Coupons can be used as many times as you’d like until they expire and they are shareable on social media. Every month we will be adding new categories, coupons and businesses. So check back often. 

We introduced Cayman Coupons in booklet form throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s until hurricane Ivan hit the Island and stopped production. These handy, pocket-sized booklets were a huge success enjoyed by visitors and local residents alike. We are preparing to revive and distribute the Coupon Books again for the upcoming 2018 winter season. If you prefer to use a printed version, than keep a look out for them around the holidays. We intend to expand and become known again as the best place to find all the deals, discounts and specials that Cayman has to offer on one website and in one coupon book for FREE! 

 Everybody loves free coupons! Everybody loves to find a deal! Happy Savings with Cayman Coupons! 
Please help us spread the word. Tell your family and friends about our website and free coupons! You can share them on Facebook and Instagram or Tweet about us! If you know of a business that you wish had a coupon with us, please let us know. Also, if you enjoyed your visit to our website, if you need more coupons or if you'd like to tell us what your favorite coupons are……we’d love to hear from you! 
Thank you for your participation! 

We are the first and only Coupon Program in the Cayman Islands! Our dual platforms have the capacity to be used as unique online and offline marketing tools for local businesses. We can target both the over night visitor market as well as the local residents and help steer foot traffic to your door. All we need is a special offer idea to create a coupon, place you on our platforms and promote your business. We will get you noticed and increase your profitability via our coupon usage. Our rates are very affordable, our program is unique, flexible, trackable and offers a business log in.  You can have as many e-coupons as you'd like and make quick easy changes at any time on our website. If you would like a printed coupon page in our Coupon Book, we will print 20,000 booklets every quarter and allow for changes every 3 months so the same ad is not locked for an entire year. We are the only advertising company that offers this flexibility. We know that the key to our 13 years of success with the coupon booklet was in our personal weekly distribution, volume printing, reasonable rates and high traffic locations. We are marketing our new website and businesses that join us in a similar way through all online channels, Islandwide signage and local media. Both platforms work well together and will promote each other. You will be able to see visible results with trackable coupon codes and printed paper coupons coming to your business....not just statistics of how many browsers are viewing your page. Contact us for more details and let us assist with your marketing campaign.